“I wanted a focus to my fitness regime. Whilst I was exercising prior to working with Laura, I wasn’t really considering my nutrition or working to any kind of programme. As such results were limited. Laura has far exceeded my expectations. She’s constantly shown a drive and determination to help me achieve my goals. I am pretty sure she’s over-delivered and I can see that she personally cares about how I go about my fitness regime. For example I expected to receive a nutrition plan, personal training sessions and a couple of text and emails to remind to exercise. However, she never rests in nudging, guiding and steering me towards my goal.”
Janusz Stabik, July 2018

“I’ve only been working with Laura for two weeks but already she’s made me realise that I am physically stronger and fitter than I thought! I did my second run today and I got organised with music etc and managed to run for longer. I’ve also won an agility class with one of my dogs meaning we got promoted – getting fitter for agility was one of the reasons for getting Laura’s help.”
Rachel Le Huray, July 2018

“Laura Hilton has done wonders for me over the past 12 weeks. She is really supportive, approaches everything from total health and wellbeing angle and tailors everything to the individual. She loves what she does and it shows. I have had fantastic results. Thoroughly recommend.”
Lydia Holbrook, April 2018

“Laura has been inspirational in getting me back to pre-op fitness levels. Each training session is pre-planned with additional advice on nutrition and an activity schedule covering the other days of the week. To top everything the sessions are fun…which means getting fit has been a pleasure and not a chore…..I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Susie Lacroix, Carlingcott, Sept 2016

“I have been exercising with Laura since shortly after the birth of my third child. Laura was so patient and kind to me as i struggled around trying to regain my fitness. One year on, i feel stronger than i have ever felt! Laura is a fab trainer because she encourages you to do your best, whatever stage you are. As I got fitter, she increased the weights, offering me what feels like an individually tailored work out! Thank you :aura for being gentle (and not laughing at me during those first attempts at running!!) At the start, and for pushing me now at every work out :-)” Kathryn Weston, Timsbury, May 2015

“Really enjoying Laura’s exercise classes at the YMCA in Timsbury. The locality and timing is great to suit me getting there after work and then her Friday morning sessions are brilliant. Circuits with a Frozen and CBEEBIES soundtrack plus a pre-schooler and toddler getting involved with spotty dogs and star jumps was the most entertaining session I’ve ever done. She was SO patient with encouraging the boys to exercise with us and didn’t miss beat. She had her eye on what I was doing and juggling entertaining the boys. Evening sessions are hard work and rewarding. She gently encourages and suggests increasing weights or how to complete an exercise correctly and always with a smile on her face. Thanks Laura, really enjoying what you’re doing and can’t wait to see you again next time! I LOVE Thursdays x”
Jo Skelton, Timsbury, May 2015

“I had my first session with Laura a few weeks ago whilst seeing friends and family during my annual leave. Working as a nurse at Papworth Hospital, being fit and healthy is very important, but having the time to exercise around shift work can be hard. So when I heard about Laura’s fitness classes round the area I was visiting I couldn’t resist a cheeky sweat fest… And what a sweat fest it was! I attended her boot camp class that consists of circuit training that works your whole body. There was a nice mix of fitness levels within the class and you could tackle any of the exercises at the varied levels offered by Laura. I really pushed through being constantly encouraged by Laura and her motivational music. Felt fantastic at the end and definitely ached the next day which is only a good sign of a great work out. Am absolutely gutted that I live over in Suffolk as I would definitely be a regular visitor to Laura’s classes including her kettle bell classes. I have however kept in touch with Laura as being a personal trainer she gives great tips on dietary needs and improving overall health. Her advice is very up to date and accurate when pairing it with my own medial knowledge. I highly recommend Laura and look forward to seeing her again soon on my next visit!”
Hannah Archer, Suffolk, May 2015