Nutritional advice

Nutrition has long been a passion of mine, having struggled to work out how to achieve my ideal body composition for years myself. Once I learned exactly how to achieve this, I decided that I wanted to become qualified to help others learn how to do the same, without making all the mistakes (sometimes painful) that I did.

This is what motivated to train to become a nutritional advisor, and I am now an evidence-based practitioner who can help others navigate the minefield of nutritional information out there.

My ‘Eat Right’ package costs just £30 per week and includes:

  • A bespoke nutritional plan, which is regularly changed
  • A weekly call, at your convenience, during which you have to report your body measurements to me
  • 24/7 support and monitoring between calls
  • High-quality resources to help you learn how to make good food choices



I am qualified to provide nutritional advice in pregnancy, and can help mums understand which foods they should and should not be eating, and the correct amounts. After the birth I will also devise an eating plan that helps the mum regain her pre-pregnancy body.